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Children's Hospital Colorado

Tears. Ugly face ones. All day. That's what this project did to me. 

I was honored to work on this campaign with SapientRazorfish from day one. My original concept was based on the one-second-a-day films trending amongst millennial parents. We've seen countless videos of that precious first year of life...but what if tragedy strikes? What does that look like? After speaking with moms who have gone through something like this, we learned that the milestones turn into something even more special.

Since going live, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The film featuring Hunter had a completion rate of 86% the month it launched, which is basically unheard of for this client. It’s also become the most played video on the client’s website.

And I still cry every time I watch.

Hunter's Story Shows How Here, It's Different

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Juniper's Story

Tears. All the ugly ones. All day. That's what this project did to me.

It was incredibly rewarding to work on this campaign for Children's Hospital Colorado from day one. I came up with the concept, highlighting the one-second-a-day film trend happening with millennial parents, not knowing if it would be 100% possible.

What would a one-second-a-day film look like for a family that experiences tragedy? We all see the happy, perfect films of the 1st year of life...but what if you're one of the unlucky ones? After talking to many mothers who have experienced pediatric trauma, turns out, the milestones become something even more special to celebrate. That's what we set out to capture. 

The team at SapientRazorfish embraced the idea whole-heartedly and I'm so proud of the work we produced. 

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